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It is important to find the apartment of your dreams, but just as important is to find the right financing for it.

At this moment, on the Romanian residential market there are 4 financing solutions and all of them are available to become part of the Aqua City community:

Personal financing

Some advantages of the fact that the purchase of the apartment is made with own sources:

  • The sale-purchase process ends faster. Generally, the approval of a bank loan lasts from a few days to 3-4 months, depending on several factors. If you already have the necessary funds, the whole process is summarized in a few days, how long it takes to sign all the documents.
  • You pay the price of the apartment and the taxes related to the sale-purchase process and that's it. You do not pay installments and other bank fees. There are no costs related to the bank loan, so in the end, you pay less.
  • You pay a fixed price. Bank rates depend on market fluctuations and interest rates, and the amount of the monthly payment will vary.
  • You are the owner of the house from day 1, which will give you a sense of security. Otherwise, the bank has the right to a mortgage and in case of non-payment, it can proceed to foreclosure.
  • Don't worry about your credit history, one of the main factors that the bank takes into account when analyzing your application. If you have a negative credit history, the chances of not getting credit increase.

Mortgage loan

It is a bank loan, through which you guarantee the apartment you buy with this loan.

Real estate loan

It is a bank loan, through which you bring as guarantee another apartment / another house / a land, which you personally own or which another person owns. Often, there is no need to pay an advance for this type of loan.

Developer installments

If you need a loan to cover part of the price of the much-dreamed-of apartment, but you don't want to resort to classic banking services, you can benefit from installments with the developer.  

The conditions for granting installments to the developer in Aqua City are:

  • The minimum advance requested is 30% of the price of the purchased apartment;
  • The installments will take place over a period between 3 and 5 years ;
  • There is a fixed interest applied in the amount of 10%/year;  
  • The only documents required to access the rates at the developer are the client's identity documents;
  • If, for various reasons, you can no longer pay the installments to the developer, you can notify the developer and make the payment in the following months;
  • If 3 consecutive unpaid installments accumulate and no other solution is identified, the contract may be terminated, with the loss of the amounts paid up to this point.

Find out more here.  

New house

The New House is a new version, launched in 2020, of the government's First House program. One of the most important changes made is that it is addressed to all those who want a new home, not only to young people or those who are in their first real estate acquisition.

What are the criteria and advantages of Noua Casa, you can find out from the blog.


Now you can buy your desired apartment in Aqua City and in cryptocurrencies. The process is very simple, friendly. For details we invite you to call us at: 0755015588.

Advantages of payment in cryptocurrencies:

  • Financial transactions as simple as sending an e-mail;
  • KYC and AML Security Procedures, provided by NETOPIA mobilpay;
  • The best exchange ratio for the end customer
  • Bitcoin transactions are public and 100% transparent, while the identity of the people making the transactions is private.

Financial education

Together with Kiwi Finance we prepared a series of financial education videos: we talk about the difference between lending and financing, eligibility criteria for granting a loan, income and interest. We even address the question "which is better, to live in rent or to get an apartment?" The videos can be found here.

Is your dream apartment in Aqua City?

We are waiting for you in our showroom in Rocilor Street no. 12 - 16 to offer you all the information that interests you - availability, surfaces, partitions, finishes, etc.

We invite you to view the 3 apartments built on the stairs, in the showroom, or a visit on site, in block 1. The appointment is easy to make below or at the phone number 0727 33 22 23.