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AQUA CITY will have a total area of 75,000 square meters of land, consists of 6 buildings with a height of Ug + Gf + 7/10/11 floors and a total of 2,073 apartments.

The apartments are developed on total built areas including common spaces starting from 46 sqm for studios and reaching up to 108 sqm built for 3-room apartments, with prices from 42,000 euros and up to 94,000 euros (5% VAT included).

The project will be built in 3 phases of works. Phase I started in December 2019. The construction of the first building, with a total of 311 apartments has a construction completion deadline of 31.07.2021 and the sale-purchase contracts will be signed until 31.10.2021. The construction of the second building will start in September 2020, with the construction completion deadline being September 2021, the sale-purchase contracts will be signed until 31.12.2021. Phase II will start in 2021 and will be completed in 2022, with a total of 672 apartments. Phase III will start in 2022 and will be completed in 2023 and will have a total of 724 apartments.

The project includes over 2,400 parking spaces, green spaces of over 6,600 square meters and facilities such as: children's playground, equipped with the most modern and safe accessories, tennis and football fields. The residential complex will include a SPA center and a Hypermarket. The SPA is completed by a semi-Olympic indoor pool, children's pool, jacuzzi and saunas, hammam, various showers, fitness room and physiotherapy.


The strength structure of the buildings consists of general reinforced concrete reinforced concrete foundations and reinforced concrete frameworks made up of reinforced concrete pillars, beams and slabs and diaphragms, ladders and atics of monolith reinforced concrete.

The reinforced concrete panels have a thickness of 15cm and the current floor heights are 2.70m.

The apartments benefit from loggia with a width of 1.30 m and variable length. The loggia balcony is withdrawn in the block plane is not out; the advantage is that the balcony plate is the concrete slab of the respective floor, the reinforced concrete slab, which is a resistance element. The 110 cm height guard is made of light metallic fabric and secure glass panels.

The 30 cm thick Porotherm exterior masonry is wrapped with a 10 cm thick expanded polystyrene thermostat over which a glass fiber reinforced plasterboard and textured decorative plaster are applied.

The exterior walls of the buildings in Aqua City will benefit from decorative plaster textured in the colors of white, beige, brown and red.

The partitions between the apartments and the common spaces are made of Porotherm brick with a thickness of 25 cm and the non-constructive walls for interior partitions made of brick with a thickness of 11.5 cm, plaster and decorative painters. The shutters for the installation ghee are made with a 5 cm drywall system and mineral wool insulation for acoustic comfort.



A building can fit into an energy class or another according to its "performance" in terms of its energy saving capacity. The energy classification of the building is based on the total energy consumption of the building. There are 7 energy classes from A to G in which buildings can be framed. The criteria that are taken into account when determining the energy class of a building are: wall thickness, masonry, roof type, basement floor, upper floor, condition of the heating agent distribution system, heating system performance, alternative production systems of energy from renewable sources. All this information will be collected on the spot by an authorized auditor who, following their research and qualification, will fit the building into an energy class. The energy class will provide the owner and prospective buyer or tenant with information on actual energy consumption. At present, most buildings in Romania are currently in Class C or D. Even new buildings (most of them) are not in Class A unless they have been specially designed and built for this purpose.

The exterior carpentry is made of PVC, multi-chamber, type Gealan, with three glass sheets, total thickness 32mm, geometry with 6-chamber profiles. The thermal and sound insulation is excellent, the elegant façade design is complemented by glazing made of sheet metal with a polyester coating in the color of the facades.


The terraces of the buildings are non-circular, insulated with 10 cm thick polystyrene and waterproof with polyester reinforced bituminous membranes with cold and cold flexibility, heat resistance and resistance to cracking resistance of the waterproofing system in increasing its functionality over time in any climatic area and on the heavily demanded roofs.



The walls will be plated to the top of the door with ceramic tiles, premium quality, chosen from the three variants made available by our partners, made entirely in Italy and Spain, KEROS CERAMICA and CRISTACER. The ceilings will be finished with plaster and painted in white. The floor will be plated with ceramic tiles in 3 shades. The bathrooms will be equipped with bathtub / shower with bathtub and shower, battery and foot wash basin, WC wc and reservoir, sanotechnik type, portprosop heat sink, a simple outlet, fan and switch.


The walls will be painted in white, and on the wall with the worktop will be applied tile from the height of 90 cm up to a height of 1.50 m. The ceilings will be finished with plaster and painted in white. The floor will be plated with ceramic tiles, premium quality, chosen from 3 variants available. The kitchens will be fitted with a radiator, a condensing central heating system, a gas installation, a gas sensor, a double socket on the worktop, a simple socket for the hob, a double socket for the cooking machine, a double socket for the fridge and a switch .


The walls will be painted in white. The ceilings will be finished with plaster and painted in white. The flooring will be made with floating laminate flooring 12.3 mm thick and available in 3 shades. The bedrooms will be fitted with a radiator, TV set, simple TV outlet, two double sockets on the side of the bed and a switch.


The walls will be painted in white. The ceilings will be finished with plaster and painted in white. The flooring will be made with floating laminate flooring 12.3 mm thick and will be available in 3 shades. The living rooms will be equipped with radiator, premium quality, TV set, internet connection, simple TV outlet, two double sockets on the side of the sofa, a switch and an air conditioner socket.


The walls will be painted in white. The ceilings will be finished with plaster and painted in white. The floor will be plated with ceramic tiles, premium quality, chosen from 3 proposed variants.


The walls will be finished with decorative plaster in the façade colors. The floor will be covered with ceramic tiles, premium quality.


It is the DIERRE Italy metal door with multipoint closing, finishes in various shades of wood, soundproof, bronze handle, heel and brown metallic sill.


BENATI type are cellular-filled doors with 3-tone wrapped faces, heel, sill, lining, bronze handle.


The apartments are individually metered and connected to the grid and to the fiber network, fiber-to-thehome (FTTH), to the DIGI network.


The ensemble will be equipped with playgrounds and recreational areas for the whole family. The playgrounds are provided with elastic pavers and any strong shock is absorbed, the children can play safely.


the horizontal circulation of the entire construction will be finished with ceramic tiles, premium quality and resistant to heavy traffic.

The assembly is equipped with 38 lifts that provide vertical transport to the top level. Each ladder is equipped with 2 elevators with the capacity of 8 people / lift, the SCHINDLER brand. The chosen model is characterized by low-noise operation and is a product that falls within Class A from the point of view of energy efficiency.

Underground parking spaces or outside buildings are enough for all apartment owners and owners.


The staircase, elevators and courtyard are illuminated with neon lights and LED lights for reduced power consumption and greater efficiency in exterior and interior lighting.


The assembly will benefit from 24-hour surveillance, restricted access with monitoring and auto barriers.


The access zone and the spaces around the buildings will be monitored video.


The IMMERGAS own heat boiler in 24 KW convection and electrostatically painted steel radiators in white color, dimensioned for each room depending on the room volume and the size of the glass window. Condensation plants use an additional amount of heat equivalent to the dormant heat of condensation of the vapor from the flue gas. Consumption will be reduced by up to 30% compared to a standard power plant and a much higher efficiency. They have a wide range of optional accessories for environmental thermoregulation.


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