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New apartments in Bucharest, Crangasi - Giulesti area

Aqua City residential district - Izvorul Caii Thale

The Aqua City residential complex is being developed in sector 6 of the capital, north of Lacul Morii, in the Crangasi - Giulesti area, with direct access from Calea Giulesti. 

It is composed of 6 buildings with a height regime from S+P+7 floors to P+11 floors and totals about 2,000 new apartments. The total built area is over 200,000 sqm. 

The entire residential district - with its buildings, commercial area, SPA center, green and leisure areas, parking spaces - is spread over a 75,000 sq m plot of land, located 200 m from Morii Lake, with over 80 apartments that have a direct view of the lake.  

The construction is carried out in 3 phases - each phase having 2 residential blocks and additional spaces. The first 2 blocks that make up Phase 1 of the project are completed and the residents are already enjoying their apartments and the multiple facilities in the complex. The construction of the following 2 blocks, corresponding to Phase 2, has been started, the deadline for its delivery being the beginning of 2025. Unlike Phase 1 of the project, the apartments in Phase 2 will be delivered without finishes.

Among the residential complexes in Bucharest or in the country, Aqua City is the first to offer purified water directly at the tenants' taps, treated naturally, without chemical processes, of a higher quality than that from the public network, in all the apartments of the complex.

The Aqua City complex offers numerous facilities, which have the role of creating a tight, sustainable community, centered on the idea of well-being: kindergarten, SPA center, sports fields, playgrounds, 24/7 security, commercial spaces, store Lidl.

Residential Park
3.400 mp
la robinet

Why choose Aqua City?

Advantages of the residential complex

Purified tap water

Purified tap water

An innovative concept: the entire Aqua city community Aqua City will enjoy purified tap water, treated naturally, without chemical processes, of a higher quality than the one in the public network, in all the apartments of the complex.

Energy performance

Energy performance

We design and build new modern apartments, with top materials and installation systems, executed by well-known builders. Aqua City will be a residential neighborhood with a class A energy certificate.

Multiple recreation area

Multiple recreation area

Aqua City is in the immediate vicinity of Lake Morii and the Island of Angels - both being redeveloped. Within the complex, there will be sports fields, an indoor pool and a SPA center.

Focus on green spaces

Focus on green spaces

The residential park of 3,400 sqm and numerous green spaces, arranged with small, medium and high vegetation, with lawn and shaded surfaces.

Points of interest

Is your dream apartment in Aqua City?

We are waiting for you to have a viewing as a whole - at Godeni Entrance, Block C1, Sector 6, Bucharest - to provide you with all the information you are interested in: availability, surfaces, compartmentalization, financing methods, etc. 

Scheduling is easy, using the form below, or by calling 0727 33 22 23.