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AQUA CITY is a residential complex developed by Simart Arhitecture SA, located in the NV area of Bucharest, in sector 6, near Lake Morii, with direct access from Giulesti Road and is developed on a total area of 75,000 sqm of land.

WATER WATER on the tap

AQUA CITY is the only district in Romania with tap water.

In Aqua City water is very important.

The residential complex is located on a land where there is a natural spring dating back to ancient times, around 1575. From this ancient spring we will offer Aqua City residents the best drinking water.

In 1967, Nicolae Ceausescu made a deep-water drilling by capturing the springs and providing a good drinking water source from a qualitative point of view for Bucharest.
The plant will benefit from an innovative water treatment system. The spring water will be collected, treated, purified and brought to the homes of future residents. Water quality will be superior to the public water network and user costs will be much lower.

The developer has chosen H2O International, a US company that deals with water treatment and filtration at the highest standards in the world. The main purpose of the partnership between H2O International USA and Simart Arhitecture SA is to supply drinking water to the tap in the apartment of each tenant in Aqua City, a drinking water with a Ph higher than 8, naturally treated and without chemical processes.

By capturing and treating natural water, residents of the Aqua City residential complex will benefit from natural water with high alkalinity, purity and natural qualities brought from the natural spring directly to the tap of each apartment.


  • Crangasi Metro Station to 22 minutes walk (2 minutes driving distance). RATB access to Crangasi Metro: buses 162 and 163.
  • Politehnica Metro Station - 6 minutes (road distance). Access to the Politehnica subway: tram 11.
  • Grozavesti Metro Station (Carrefour Orhideea) - 9 minutes (road distance). Access to the Grozavesti subway: tram 11.
  • Station STB bus lines 162, 163 - Crangasi Metro access
  • Station STB line N110 trolley
  • Station STB line tram line 11 (Metro Grozavesti and Politehnica Metro)
  • Station STB tram line 44


  • Supermarket within the compound
  • Auchan Hypermarket - B-dul Constructors, a 5-minute walk away
  • Crangasi Square
  • Carrefour Orhideea
  • AFI Cotroceni
  • Plaza Mall


  • Tap water
  • Spa center
  • Green space with WI-FI
  • Energy certificate class A
  • Bicycle racks
  • Charge stations for electric vehicles
  • Playgrounds for children
  • Tennis courts and football
  • Kindergarten
  • Accessibility for people with disabilities
  • Running track and bike track on Lake Morii
  • Gradinita nr. 40 1573 m
  • Scoala Gimnaziala Nr 162 390 m
  • Scoala Gimnaziala Nr 163 1011 m
  • Colegiul Tehnic Feroviar Mihai I 663 m
  • Liceul Teoretic Marin Preda 933 m
  • Colegiul Tehnic Carol I 1689 m
  • Mega Image Crangasi 1798 m
  • Mega Image Valsan 1219 m
  • Complex Auchan Bdul Constructorilor 966 m
  • Mega Image Giulești 2 288 m
  • Mega Image Giulești 1 1674 m
  • Mega Image 1217 m
  • eMAG Showroom 1814 m
  • Pizza Dar&Dav 1578 m
  • Pe Motoare 1157 m
  • Opera Comica 2173 m
  • Giulesti Arena 958 m
  • Stadionul Rapid – Valentin Stanescu 2074 m
  • Parcul Crangasi 1718 m
  • Farmacia Dona 656 m
  • Farmacia Catena 663 m
  • Cabinet vaterinar NOBIL VET 1103 m
  • BCR Giulesti 941 m
  • Raiffeisen Bank Giulesti 912 m
  • BRD Giulesti 1104 m
  • Directia Generala de Impozite si Taxe Locale Sector 6 861 m
  • Metrou Crângași 1794 m
  • Statia STB - Institutul Pasteur 608 m
  • Statia STB - Depoul Giulești 818 m
  • Statia STB - Copșa Mică 338 m
  • Statia STB - Piața Giulești 168 m
  • Statia STB - Godeni 371 m
  • Statia STB - Bd. Constructorilor 679 m
  • Statia STB - Bd. Constructorilor 679 m


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