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Aqua City is a residential neighborhood in the NW area of Bucharest, sector 6, developed on a total area of 75,000 square meters. Upon completion, in 2024, the 6 buildings will total about 2,000 apartments and the Aqua City community will number about 5,000 people. More than a set of real estate, we want to create a community for which well-being matters.

In Aqua City, water is very important, as a vital, precious, inexhaustible resource, as an element of nature, as a landscape, as a rest. The residential neighborhood is located 200 m from Lake Morii, a well-known place for recreation for communities in Sector 6.

We aim for every tenant in Aqua City to benefit from purified water in their own kitchen.

A kitchen, two taps, two types of water

Each kitchen in Aqua City will have 2 taps: one with normal water and the other with purified water. The water quality will be clearly superior to the one in the public network, the residents being able to enjoy all the benefits of quality water directly at the tap.

Some benefits of having tap water

  • An improved quality of life, through regular consumption of purified water
  • Reduced costs with the purchase of plain water in a bottle / bottle / box
  • Save time - water bottles are no longer on the shopping list or on the apartment shower list
  • Less pollution - if the entire Aqua City community, estimated at about 5,000 people, gives up buying bottled water, about a million PETs would no longer enter the circuit
  • Another step towards a lifestyle in which consumption is done consciously

The Aqua City complex offers numerous facilities, which have the role of creating a close, sustainable community, centered on the idea of wellbeing: kindergarten, SPA center, sports fields, 24/7 security. (link to the Facilities page: )

We are waiting for you in our showroom in Str Rocilor 12 - 16 for a viewing and to obtain more information. You can schedule the visit here.


  • Crangasi Metro Station 2.2 km (22 minutes walk). Access by STB to Crangasi metro: buses 162 and 163.
  • Politehnica Metro Station 5.1 km away. Access to the subway Politehnica: tram 11.
  • Grozavesti Metro Station (Carrefour Orhideea) 5.3 km away. Access to Grozavesti metro: tram 11.
  • STB station bus lines 162, 163 (Crangasi metro access) - in front of the complex
  • STB trolleybus line N110 - in front of the complex
  • STB station tram line 11 (access to Grozavesti metro and Politehnica metro) - in front of the complex
  • STB station tram line 44 - in front of the complex


  • Lidl store inside the ensemble
  • Auchan Hypermarket - Constructorilor Blvdm - 1.4 km (18 minutes walk)
  • Crangasi Square - 2.3 km (30 minutes walk)
  • Carrefour Orhideea - 3.9 km
  • AFI Cotroceni - 5.3 km
  • Romania Square - 6 km


  • Purified water on tap
  • Spa center
  • Kindergarten
  • Residential park of 3,400 sqm
  • Blocks with energy certificate class A
  • Underground and above ground parking lots
  • Green space with WI-FI
  • Bicycle racks
  • Electric vehicle charging stations
  • Playgrounds for children
  • Sports field
  • Accessibility for people with disabilities
  • Gradinita nr. 40 1286 m
  • Scoala Gimnaziala Nr 162 661 m
  • Scoala Gimnaziala Nr 163 739 m
  • Colegiul Tehnic Feroviar Mihai I 513 m
  • Liceul Teoretic Marin Preda 647 m
  • Colegiul Tehnic Carol I 1403 m
  • Mega Image Crangasi 1524 m
  • Mega Image Valsan 941 m
  • Complex Auchan Bdul Constructorilor 703 m
  • Mega Image Giulești 2 206 m
  • Mega Image Giulești 1 1392 m
  • Mega Image 939 m
  • eMAG Showroom 1548 m
  • Pizza Dar&Dav 1291 m
  • Pe Motoare 874 m
  • Opera Comica 1887 m
  • Giulesti Arena 685 m
  • Stadionul Rapid – Valentin Stanescu 1789 m
  • Parcul Crangasi 1463 m
  • Farmacia Dona 381 m
  • Farmacia Catena 390 m
  • Cabinet vaterinar NOBIL VET 820 m
  • BCR Giulesti 661 m
  • Raiffeisen Bank Giulesti 633 m
  • BRD Giulesti 822 m
  • Directia Generala de Impozite si Taxe Locale Sector 6 583 m
  • Metrou Crângași 1523 m
  • Statia STB - Institutul Pasteur 895 m
  • Statia STB - Depoul Giulești 1105 m
  • Statia STB - Copșa Mică 619 m
  • Statia STB - Piața Giulești 377 m
  • Statia STB - Godeni 207 m
  • Statia STB - Bd. Constructorilor 414 m
  • Statia STB - Bd. Constructorilor 414 m

Is your dream apartment in Aqua City?

We are waiting for you to have a viewing as a whole - at Godeni Entrance, Block C1, Sector 6, Bucharest - to provide you with all the information you are interested in: availability, surfaces, compartmentalization, financing methods, etc. 

Scheduling is easy, using the form below, or by calling 0727 33 22 23.