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Our architects have created a series of images so that you can better imagine what your new home in the Aqua City residential neighborhood will look like.

Each interior rendering was created starting from the dimensions of the apartments, the arrangement of the windows and the finishes offered. The apartments will be delivered and finished, with sanitary and electrical installations included, connected to gas, with central heating and white walls.

The exterior renderings show the complex, as it will look at the completion, in 2024, when the last of the 6 blocks will be completed.

We invite you to our showroom in Strada Rocilor nr 12 - 16 to see a model of the complex, apartments built to scale and to answer any question. For viewing, appointments are made simple and easy here.

Is your dream apartment in Aqua City?

We are waiting for you to have a viewing as a whole - at Godeni Entrance, Block C1, Sector 6, Bucharest - to provide you with all the information you are interested in: availability, surfaces, compartmentalization, financing methods, etc. 

Scheduling is easy, using the form below, or by calling 0727 33 22 23.