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Aqua City will be the first residential neighborhood in Romania to offer: pure water directly at your tap . This is the main facility we offer but many others are centered around the idea of wellbeing: 3,400 sqm residential park, sports fields, bicycle racks, SPA center, etc.

Wellbeing facilities

  • SPA center, equipped with:
    • jacuzzi
    • wet sauna
    • dry sauna
    • unique therapies: massage, facial and body treatments, SPA rituals
  • Fitness and physiotherapy room, divided into 4 different areas:
    • cardio area - intended for individual effort and equipped with bicycles, treadmills, individual equipment for activities aimed at developing and maintaining the health of the cardio-respiratory system
    • spinning area - designed to relax or strengthen the immune system with the help of special bicycles
    • strength zone - designed for muscle toning through exercise programs suitable for each user but also through an area equipped with weightlifting devices
    • kinetotherapy area - intended for physical recovery, but also for maintenance and prevention of injuries through massage sessions, physiotherapy and kinetotherapy
  • Residential park of 3,400 sqm plus numerous green spaces
  • Playgrounds for children, equipped with the most modern and safe accessories
  • Kindergarten
  • Sports and leisure grounds
  • Proximity to Lake Morii (about 200 m to the water surface)

Facilities related to the smooth running of each day

  • The presence of a Lidl store inside the neighborhood
  • Commercial spaces with various functions - pharmacy, beauty salon, doctor's office, restaurant, bank
  • Coworking space
  • Controlled access - non-stop, restricted access system with monitoring and car barriers

Accessibility and transport facilities

  • Accessibility for people with disabilities
  • Bicycle racks
  • Electric vehicle charging stations
  • Above and underground parking
  • Presence, in front of the complex, of public transport stations for trams 11 and 44 and buses 162, 163 and N110.

We reserve the right to modify and improve the facilities we make available to future buyers.

Transport and road distances

Public transport is easy. The metro stations Crangasi, Grozavesti and Politehnica are the closest:

  • Crangasi Metro Station - 2.2 km. Access by STB to Crangasi metro: buses 162 and 163, which stop in front of the Aqua City complex
  • Politehnica Metro Station - 5.1 km. Access to the Politehnica subway: tram 11, which has the station in front of the Aqua City complex
  • Grozavesti Metro Station (Carrefour Orhideea) - 5.3 km. Access to Grozavesti subway: tram 11, which has the station in front of the Aqua City complex

Distant from Aqua City:

  • North Railway Station - 4.6 km
  • Victoriei Square - 5.6 km
  • Union Square - 7.9 km



  • Aqua City Kindergarten
  • Kindergarten 40
  • Gymnasium School No. 162
  • Gymnasium School No. 163
  • Mihai I Railway Technical College
  • Marin Preda Theoretical High School
  • Carol I Technical College
  • Polytechnic University Campus

Market and Shopping:

  • Mega Image (Crangasi Square and George Valsan Street)
  • Auchan Complex Bdul Constructorilor Complex
  • Carrefour Orchid
  • AFI Cotroceni
  • Plaza Mall


  • On Engines

Recreation activities:

  • Opera Comica

Sports and leisure:

  • Mill Lake Promenade and Angels Island
  • Giulesti Arena
  • Rapid Stadium - Valentin Stanescu
  • Crangasi Park

Points of interest


  • Donate
  • Chain

Veterinary clinic:



  • BCR
  • Raiffeisen Bank
  • br

Public Interest:

  • General Directorate of Local Taxes and Fees Sector 6

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