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Top 10 questions to ask the developer when looking for an apartment. Part I

You have decided, you want a new home. It may be your first home or it may be the necessary step for this new period in your life. Enthusiasm and impatience mix with… many questions you have for the developer.

And because we've met with them several times, we'll answer below the 5 most important questions that future Aqua City residents have asked us - the remaining 5 questions will be part of a later article, which we will publish in November.

1. What should I know about the legal documents of the real estate project? Can I request the verification of legal documents: town planning certificate, building permit, reception report, land book extract?

Note: In the context of the press talking about existing projects that do not have proper documentation and anyone has heard from friends (or friends of friends) how important it is for his peace of mind that the developer's documents comply with the laws In force, this kind of question is justified and common.

Answer: The presentation, to a potential client, of the construction permit - in the case of Aqua City, obtained in December 2019 - is the sum of the documents listed above: town planning certificate, permits, CF land extracts.

The reception minutes of the building are also important and they are of several categories:

  • Minutes of ascertaining the condition of the property - after the completion of the works

is signed with the final beneficiary

  • Reception report at the end of the works - after the completion of the works

it is signed with the local authorities

  • Reception and handover of the apartment - after the completion of the works

is signed with the final beneficiary

Each report can be presented to a potential buyer, depending on the stage of the works at the time of the question. For example, now, in October 2020, we cannot present any of the minutes listed above because block 1 is in the process of being raised and compartmentalized.

2. What is the Aqua City area like?

Note: This question has several variants and some hide the question "is it a safe area?"

Answer: The Giulesti area / north of Lake Morii is an area where it has not been built for a very long time. There are a few new, scattered blocks, but there are no large-scale Aqua City projects.

Beyond prejudices and rumors, we can assure the future residents of Aqua City that the area of the residential complex will be fenced and closed. There will be access barriers with the tenant card, security provided, and the place will be safe.

3. Can site visits be made with a structural engineer or a site manager?

Note: A question often asked due to residential projects that have affected the confidence of Bucharest residents in everything that means "new residential project".

Answer: Yes, potential clients can make visits with their own specialists.

Two rules must be followed: these visits must be scheduled - through the Aqua City sales team - and, for safety reasons, the limit at which they can approach the building is 250 m.

All those who enter the site area will wear a vest, helmet and protective mask, provided in our showroom by the sales department.

4. What is the number of square meters of greenery provided by law and what is the green area within the ensemble? How many sqm "return" to each apartment?

Note: Question asked due to residential projects that promised a certain number of square meters of greenery and which subsequently reduced this space.

Answer: According to the legislation, on 30% of the total land there must be green spaces and, at the same time, not less than 2 sqm / inhabitant. In the case of Aqua City, it is about 22,500 sqm of green space, but not less than 10,000 sqm.

Overall, about two-thirds of the green space will be directly on the ground, and one-third will be developed at a height of up to 1 meter, ensuring a thickness of the soil so as to allow the development of shrubs and small trees.

Aqua City is currently projecting for Phase 1 of the project:

  • 6,700 sqm landscaped green space;
  • Green space arranged above the basement of 2,700 sqm.

Therefore, only the green space provided for the first block amounts to 9,400 square meters, therefore the total green space will be well over 22,500 square meters.

5. What assurances do I have that the green space in the project will not diminish over the years?

Answer: The entire Aqua City neighborhood project is approved and authorized by the appropriate authorities. Green space can only be reduced with the consent of local authorities by issuing new building permits for green spaces.

We believe that the promised green space is one of the strengths of the Aqua City residential complex and we intend to keep our promise.

We have other questions - and answers - and we will return with them in the second part of the article that we will publish in November. Until then, we invite you to send all your questions about Aqua City to the email address and we will answer you faster than you can say "built square meter".