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6 things you need to know about Block 2

The spring of 2021 begins with two important news related to the development of the Aqua City residential complex!

The first is related to the stage of works on Block 1, which is completed on the structure, compartmentalized and which will be brought to the "turnkey" stage in about 5 months (estimate: August 2021).

The second news is that they are currently working on the excavations for the foundation of Block 2, and the 340 apartments are available for purchase.

Block 2 comes with slightly different features from block 1. The most important six are below:

1. More apartments

Compared to Block 1, it has 29 more apartments, reaching a total of 340 apartments.

It is also a ground floor block + 11 floors on stairs 1 and 2 and ground floor + 10 floors on stairs 3, with the big difference that the ground floor will not be for commercial spaces, but for homes.

Break down by number of rooms, there are:

  • 40 studio apartments;
  • 224 2-room apartments;
  • 11 2-room duplex apartments;
  • 44 3-room apartments;
  • 18 3-room duplex apartments;
  • 3 4-room duplex apartments;

2. Completely detached

All 340 apartments, whether studio apartments, 2-room or 3-room apartments are detached. That means more privacy for every family member.

3. Lake Morii, directly from the 4th floor

Lake Morii is located 150 m away from the Aqua City complex and, from Block 2, can be fully admired from the fourth floor.

Of the 340 apartments, 74 are facing Lake Morii:

  • 14 studios
  • 35 2-room apartments;
  • 14 3-room apartments;
  • 11 duplex apartments (5 with 2 rooms, 5 with 3 rooms and 1 with 4 rooms).

4. Duplexes

An absolute novelty that Block 2 brings are the 32 duplex apartments (built on two levels).

Out of the total of the 340 apartments of Block 2, the duplexes are spread over two floors:

  • 11 2-room apartments;
  • 18 3-room apartments;
  • 3 4-room apartments.

More about the surface area of duplexes and how they are divided, here.

5. More spacious lodges

Block 1 had loggia-type balconies - a loggia being a closed balcony on the sides, but open in front. The surface of the loggias in Block 2 increases so much that they practically become terrace-type loggias.

For example, in Block 2 the 2-room apartments have terraces with surfaces between 4 and 9 sqm, and in the 3-room apartments they have terraces with surfaces between 4 and 20 sqm.

6. Unbeatable prices

The offer of apartments in Block 2 can be found on our website and Aqua City consultants are waiting for you in the showroom in 12 - 16 Rocilor Street to take a tour of the three life-size apartments built.

In Block 2, the studios have a built area of 42 square meters and prices between 46,000 and 57,000 euros (VAT included).

The 2-room apartments have prices between 66,000 and 89,000 euros, for built-up areas between 65 and 85 sqm (VAT included).

The 3-room apartments have built surfaces between 97 and 102 sqm built and prices between 101,000 + VAT and 112,000 euros + VAT.

About the Aqua City Residential Complex

Aqua City is a residential complex developed by Aquacity Development, located in the NW area of Bucharest, in sector 6, near Lake Morii, developed on a total area of 75,000 sq m of land. Because water is very important in Aqua City, the ensemble will benefit from an innovative water treatment system: water from the public network will be collected, treated, purified and brought to the homes of future residents. The main goal is to deliver drinking water to the tap in the apartment of every Aqua City tenant, pure water, treated naturally and without chemical processes - a premiere for the real estate market in Romania. In addition to saving the money needed to buy water, the future tenant of an apartment in Aqua City saves the time lost at the store for buying water, transporting it at home, as well as the physical effort caused by its carat in their own home. Aqua City is the only neighborhood in Romania with pure tap water.

Aqua City will have a total built area of over 200,000 square meters, consists of 6 buildings with a height of Ug + Gf + 7/10/11 floors and a total of almost 2,000 apartments. The apartments are built on total built-up areas, starting from 46 sqm for studios and reaching up to 108 sqm built for 3-room apartments.

The project will be built in 3 similar phases of works. The construction period of a block is usually between 18 and 24 months. Block 1 of Phase I has a total of 311 apartments, Block 2 of Phase I will start in the spring of 2021 and will be completed in the fall of 2022, with a total of 340 apartments. Phases II and III will begin in succession in 2022 and 2023, and the entire project is expected to be completed by the end of 2024.

The available apartments can be found here and for a viewing in the showroom or on WhatsApp you can schedule here.