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Aqua City offers Studio apartments on Lake Mori

Studio apartments in Bucharest have grown in popularity in recent years and have become a viable option for many people interested in buying a home. Their success is due to the way they are compartmentalized, performing both practical and aesthetic functions. In addition, Studio apartments in Bucharest are often the first choice for students who come to study and need a convenient and accessible option during these years. Therefore, this type of housing can be a profitable option for real estate investors.

What are these studios on Lake Morii? What does a Studio apartment on Lake Morii look like? Why invest in a Studio apartment in Bucharest? This term generally reflects a type of compartmentalization that successfully combines 2 rooms, whether we are talking about the living room and kitchen or the bedroom combined with the living room. But here, at Aqua City, we designed the Studio apartments on Lake Mori to meet the practical needs of our clients.


Why move to a Studio apartment on Lake Mori?

The studios themselves express energy, youth and vitality. The population of cities is constantly increasing and more and more young people are choosing the option of a Studio apartment in Bucharest, because it is an accessible alternative for rent in big cities.

  • Affordable prices for everything you need

Probably one of the most important factors in buying or renting studios on Lake Morii is the purchase price and, if applicable, the rental price - where there is quite high demand. Especially the category of young adults prefers this option because they also focus on other activities, such as traveling and also have the opportunity to save money to buy their own house later.

  • Almost why it's important to you

The Studio Apartments on Lake Morii are located in an area with many points of interest such as Hypermarkets, Mall, hospitals, parks and offer easy access to the city center area. In addition, Lake Morii is an attraction for those looking for relaxing moments, and the walks on the lake offer impressive images in all seasons.

  • Practical housing

Students and young employees prefer to live in a Studio apartment in Bucharest due to the way it folds on their active lifestyle. It is very simple and easy to keep clean, the costs for heating are lower and, of course, the same for furniture.


A fresh start in a studio on Lake Mori

If you compare the Studios with any other type of housing, you will notice that it is a very easy purchase, which does not require real estate experience. Maintenance, repairs, utilities costs are of course lower than those of other new apartments in Bucharest with a larger area. With such a large audience for your home, given the ever-growing population, it is a safe investment if you want to rent your new home.

In addition, at Aqua City you will exclusively enjoy spring water at the tap. One more reason to move to the only Studio apartments that benefit from such a facility in Romania.

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