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The Aqua City residential neighborhood is built on an area of 75,000 square meters, consists of 6 buildings with a height of Ug + Gf + 7/10/11 floors (basement, ground floor and a maximum of 11 floors) and a total of approximately 2,000 apartments.

The apartments are of three types - studio, 2 rooms, 3 rooms and duplexes of 2, 3 and 4 rooms.

Their built areas start from 41.38 square meters built for studios and reach up to 140 square meters built for 4-room duplex apartments. Prices are between 52,000 and 220,000 Euro VAT included.

  • The project is developed in 3 phases of works
  • Phase I started in November 2019 and consists of the construction of the first two blocks
  • The construction of the first building, with a total of 311 apartments, was completed in 2021.
  • The construction of the C2 building started in February 2021 and the construction deadline is autumn 2022.
  • Phase II will consist of the construction of blocks C3 and C4 and will begin in 2022
  • Phase III will consist of the construction of blocks C5 and C6 and will begin in 2023
  • The entire project is expected to be completed by the end of 2024.

The residential complex includes over 2,400 parking spaces, charging station for electric cars, bicycle racks, green spaces and numerous facilities centered around the concept of wellness, such as: SPA center, fitness room, sports and leisure fields, places playground for children (equipped with modern and safe accessories).

A complex with energy certificate class A

Any building is characterized by an indicator of energy performance and, depending on it, falls into a class from A to G.

The energy classification is made according to the total energy consumption of the building and the way in which the building "saves" energy is followed.

The criteria taken into account when establishing the energy class of a building are: wall thickness, masonry, type of roof, floor above basement, upper floor, condition of heat distribution system, heating system performance, existence of alternative energy production systems from renewable sources.

To be classified in energy class A, a building must:

  • to have a maximum consumption of 125 kWh / m2 / year
  • to have the energy consumption from non-renewable sources (kWh / m2 / year) equal to zero
  • to provide lighting with LED sources
  • to automate the heating installation
  • to automate the hot water consumption installation (by mounting the flow meters on the hot water and cold water connections)
  • to have well-insulated thermal installations
  • to have thermally insulated exterior walls
  • to have efficient carpentry

The above information is collected and verified on the spot by an authorized auditor, who after his research will classify the building in an energy class.

The Aqua City blocks have been designed and are built to fit energy class A.


The resistance structure of the buildings consists of reinforced concrete foundations, general screed type and constructive system in reinforced concrete frames formed by reinforced concrete pillars, beams and floors and diaphragms, stairs and attics made of monolithic reinforced concrete.

The reinforced concrete floors have a thickness of 14 cm and the useful heights of the current floor are 2.70 m.

The apartments benefit from a terrace balcony with a minimum width of 1.20 m and a variable length - see the technical specifications of each type of apartment. The terrace balcony is partially retracted in the plan of the block and comes out. The most important advantage of this aspect is that the balcony slab is part of the concrete slab of the respective floor (reinforced concrete floor) and is an element of resistance. All apartments in block 2 will have terrace balconies.

The exterior and interior masonry is YTONG type thermal insulation masonry. The exterior walls of YTONG are covered with an expanded polystyrene thermal system, over which the putty table reinforced with fiberglass is applied, following the decorative plaster textured in white and burgundy colors.

The partition walls between the apartments and the common spaces are made of thermally insulating masonry with a thickness of 30 cm, and the non-constructive walls (for interior partitions) have a thickness of 15 cm. Both the plaster and the paint are washable.

The closures of the niches for the installations are made with a gypsum-cardboard system and 5 cm mineral wool insulation, in order to obtain the acoustic comfort.

The exterior carpentry is made of multicameral PVC, Salamander type, with three sheets of glass, total thickness of 32 mm, geometry with 6-chamber profiles. The thermal and sound insulation thus obtained is excellent and the elegant design of the facades is completed by the window sills made of sheet metal with polyester coating in the color of the facades.


The terraces of the buildings are non-circulating, thermally insulated with 10 cm thick polystyrene and waterproofed with bituminous membranes, with increased cold flexibility and hot elasticity. These parameters ensure the resistance to thermal aging and to a possible cracking of the waterproofing system. This type of insulation is functional regardless of the season and the demand of the roof.



Metal door GAS SPARTA, Brand DIERRE with multipoint closure, wood finish, soundproof, bronze handle, frame and metal sill in white on the inside, gray on the outside.


The interior doors are Benati brand - modern, smooth (solid) and cellular. The door leaf is made of HDF (high density fiberboard) laminated with lacquered or 3D wood decoration. Benati doors have adjustable frame, window sills on both sides, 3 adjustable hinges, gasket, lock and handle.


The apartments are individually metered, connected to the electricity network and to the gas network and connected by fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) to the DIGI network.


Each apartment has its own central heating ARISTON CARES HS PREMIUM 23 Kw and steel radiators painted in electrostatic field, white color, sized for each room depending on its volume and the size of the glazed space.

Condensing boilers use an additional amount of heat equivalent to the latent heat of condensation of water vapor in the flue gases. Consumption will be reduced by up to 30% compared to a standard boiler and a much higher efficiency. They have a wide range of optional accessories for environmental thermoregulation.



The walls are painted white with washable paint CASA ALBA range, Brand FIROS. The ceilings are plastered and painted white. The floor is covered with ceramic tiles, provided by Keros Ceramica from Spain, available in 3 color lines.


The walls are painted white. The wall with the worktop has applied tiles from a height of 90 cm to a height of 1.50 m. The ceilings are finished with plaster and painted white. The floor is covered with ceramic tiles, provided by our renowned partners in Spain, CANVAS / KREATON range, Brand LAURA NEUTRO, available in 3 color lines.

The kitchens are equipped with radiator, condensing boiler, gas installation, gas sensor, single and double sockets.

Living areas

The walls are painted white. The ceilings are finished with plaster and painted white. The floor is made of 12.3 mm thick floating laminate flooring, available in 3 shades. The living rooms are equipped with radiator, TV installation, internet socket, double TV socket, sockets and switch.


The walls are painted white. The ceilings are finished with plaster and painted white. The floor is made of 12.3 mm thick floating laminate flooring, available in 3 shades, ARC CLICK MDF EIR & PINE SURFACE range, MQFLOOR brand. The bedrooms are equipped with radiator, TV installation, double TV socket, sockets and switch.


The walls are clad on the height of the door with ceramic tiles, premium quality, chosen from the 3 variants provided by our renowned partners in Spain, Keros Ceramica - CANVAS / KREATON range. The ceilings are finished with plaster and painted white. The floor is covered with ceramic tiles, available in 3 shades. Sanitary ware includes: SIMPLICITY bathtub, IDEALSTREAM faucets, ECCO sink bodies, IDEAL STANDARD / ROMSTAL brand, toilet bowl and tank, towel radiator, a simple socket, fan and switch.


The walls are finished with decorative plaster in the colors of the facade. The floor is covered with ceramic tiles, Canvas / Kreaton Range, KEROS Brand.

The protective railing has a height of 110 cm, made of aluminum and a parapet made of glass panels, materials that do not degrade over time.


As developers, we offer guarantees for finishes. According to the legislation, the buyer of new homes is protected from hidden defects of construction that occurred within 3 years of receipt of the work; it is protected for 10 years in the case of hydro-thermal insulation of the block terrace and defects of the resistance structure are guaranteed for the entire duration of the construction.

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